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How Do? Modify CssClass for Specific Select Column in Datagrid

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I have noticed that the grid's Select linkbutton is rendered as an HTML
anchor tag on the client. I would really like to be able to get a
"class" attribute in it, either through CssClass on the serverside
DataGridLinkButton control or through Attributes.Add or something

I thought I could use ItemDataBound and
((DataGridLinkButton)e.Item.Cells[6].Controls[0]).CssClass, but it says
that DataGridLinkButton is inaccessible to its protection level. I have
a couple of other approaches
(this.grdMyGrid.Columns[6].ItemStyle.CssClass <- changes the cell
style, but not the anchor tag within it ; also tried page-level style
for anchor tag, but I need that for other anchor elements on the page),
but they didn't work either.

Any ideas?

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I finally got it. Should have used LinkButton, even though GetType()
was returning DataGridLinkButton.

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