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Treeview questions - how to set set start node and how to catch click event

Alan Silver
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I have a treeview control that is populated from an XML file. I have two

1) Is it possible to specify where the treeview starts showing nodes? I
aks this as there is a root node, then a single node below that. I don't
want to show either of these, I only want the nodes below to be shown.
Can I do this?

2) How do I capture the event when the user clicks on one of the nodes?
I haven't set the NavigateUrl property for the treeview, so nodes show
up as links with a Javascript call, which I presume posts back to the
server. I tried adding a handler for the OnSelectedNodeChanged event,
but this never got called. Any ideas?


Alan Silver
(anything added below this line is nothing to do with me)
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