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how to use session object in a class

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hello all, i am new to ASP.NET, and sessions....and i would like to do
the following....i have a ConnectDB class, that imports,
and i have the OleConnection, and OleCommand, and a SQL string as a
property in that class....the idea is that i can set the SQL property
from any web form, and call a login method that will connect to the
datebase and select * from client, for example, and put the data in a
Dataset.....what i would like to do is to add this dataset to the
session object, so that i can check to see if there were records found
in the database from the web form that called the Login is
the code i m using, cause i don't think i'm explaining this well!!!

public class ConnectDB

*** i nitialize the connection string, and the OleConnection,
OleCommand, and DataAdapter here***

public sub Login()

'SQL statment set from any page
OleCommand.CommandText = me.SQL
OleCommand.Connection = OleConnection

dim myDataset as new Dataset
end try
end class

************************************************** ***********
now what i would like to do is to assign myDataset to a session this even possible?, if so, how can i do that? if not, then
what is a better solution?
************************************************** **********
public class WebForm1

private sub Login_Click()

dim myConnectDB as new ConnectDB

myConnectDB.SQL = "select * from client where name = '" & txtName.text &

end class


thank you

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Bob Barrows [MVP]
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semesm22 wrote:
> hello all, i am new to ASP.NET, and sessions....and i would like to do

You have to use an httpContext object in your class. Like this:

Dim curContext As HttpContext = HttpContext.Current
curContext.Session("myDataset") =myDataset

Bob Barrows

Microsoft MVP -- ASP/ASP.NET
Please reply to the newsgroup. The email account listed in my From
header is my spam trap, so I don't check it very often. You will get a
quicker response by posting to the newsgroup.

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thank you very much for your help, here is what i did

***inside the ConnectDB Login() Method
Dim myDataSet As New DataSet
HttpContext.Current.Session("myDataset") = myDataSet

private sub cmdLogin_click()

Dim myDataset As New DataSet
myDataset = Session("myDataset")
If myDataset.Tables(0).Rows.Count = 1 Then
label1.text = "wrong name"
End If
end sub

now, what i want to know is.....the Dataset that i assigned to
Session("myDataset"), is it only alive for the duration of the session?

thank you for your help

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