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Web Assembly in GAC, Page Inherits Strongly Named Assembly?
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The changes to makes it very difficult for us to migrate one of
our web projects to 2.0 and makes deployments more difficult for us.

It seems that the new model is only designed to place
assemblies in the bin directory of the application. For our
application, we need to deploy to the GAC.

We have customized a SharePoint portal and have put in our own pages
and controls (both user and custom) into SharePoint pages. SharePoint
has multiple applications, and multiple bin directories. In our .Net
1.1 implementation, we simply strongly named the web assembly, used
strong references in all of our pages and controls and deployed the web
assembly in the GAC.

With the new model, taking the same approach is problematic
because of multiple assemblies and inability to control assembly
generation. We have been looking at the merge tool, but that will not
work at design time. For example, suppose we create a page and want
the inherits attribute to have a strong reference. This was easy in
2003, but in 2005 you can't set assembly attributes such as version,
and I have no idea how to construct a strong reference in 2005. It
only seems to support the class name and the code file.

The only solution I can think of is to create a class library that is
strongly named and put all the code behind files in there. It seems
rediculous to have to do this.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Microsoft needs to fix this.

John Powell

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