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ProfileBase.UserName and forms auth via the Login control

Keith Patrick
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Currently, if I declare an asp:Login control on a page and login, on both
OnAuthenticate and OnLoggedIn, this.Profile.UserName is still null, even
though the user does get authenticated and shows up as such on the main
page. However, I have to set some profile values as soon as the user logs
in, but because those events still are within the scope of the "anonymous"
profile, I can't access the profile for the user that logged in. Is what
I'm trying to do possible, and if so, at what point do I get the current
user's profile?

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Keith Patrick
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FYI: after redoing my search terms, I found a solution (and explanation)
from when the thing was called HttpProfileBase:

Profiles are handled by an HttpModule. By the time OnLoggedIn (OT, but the
Login/Logout ASP vs. FXCop duelling standards is driving me nuts) is called,
the profile module has already executed for this request, so the profile
can't be updated *after* login/logon, unless you manually do it. So here's
the code to do so:
ProfileBase profile = ProfileBase.Create(this.Logon.UserName,
profile["MyProp"] = "MyValue";
profile.Save(); // This is necessary even with
automaticSaveEnabled because the module won't re-run to check IsDirty

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