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Newbie Question: Extending the asp:AdRotator class?

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Hi im pretty much a newbie to and I was wondering what the best
way to extend the AdRotator class is?

Speciifcally Im using the AdRotator class to display a series of graphs
that are generated automatically on a public display screen.

This has been working fine for some months. but now some people want it
to display some descriptive text beneath each graph. I figure that
extending the AdRotator class so that it displays some text in a literal
just below the image is probably the easiest way to do this. Im planning
on storing the literal text in the advertisement xml file.

Thing is im pretty new to the whole OOP thing and I was wondering how
one would go about extending the AdRotator class to reference and
display the new xml items? Has anyone got any example code or perhaps a
good article I can read on the subject?

Thanks in advance,


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