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Avant Browser more secure than Firefox

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The following was posted to CNET forums 12/14/04

The Avant Browser is more secure than the Firefox Browser!!!

It may surprise you to learn that at the present time, the Avant
Browser is actually more secure than the Firefox Browser according to, a website which verifies the security vulnerability of

various products including web browsers. According to their latest
reports on Firefox and Avant, Firefox has 4 vulnerabilities with one
vulnerability having a partial fix. Avant, by comparison, only has one
vulnerability. However, their is a fix for that one Avant vulnerability

by upgrading to a more recent version of Java. After doing this
upgrade, I ran Avant through the security tests and it
passed all of them with flying colors. It also passed all security
tests on another website. With this upgrade, Avant has no security
vulnerabilities according to these aforementioned security check
I tried Firefox and really liked the features it afforded via the
extensions. However, without going into a lot detail about it, there
were also some hassles associated with the use of Firefox including the

inability to reach certain websites and an "anything but easy" initial
plugin configuration in certain respects. Once I passed these initial
challenges, Firefox was convenient to use as long as a few certain
websites were avoided. Don't let me give you the wrong impression, I
would give Firefox a very high score as a browser. It is very
unfortunate that there are proprietary factors which come into play
where browsers, like so many other computer related items, are
Avant, however, was easy to use right from the very start. Easily
configurable, Avant offers some excellent customizable options and some

very attractive skins. In all respects including aesthetics, security
and functionality, I highly recommend the Avant Browser and give high
praise to it's creator, Anderson Che.

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On 19 Jun 2005 10:46:53 -0700, "west488" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>The following was posted to CNET forums 12/14/04
>The Avant Browser is more secure than the Firefox Browser!!!

Interesting since Avant requires IE to be installed and updated and as
a result it has the same vulnerabilities as IE...

Firefox on the other hand is a standalone beowser which does not
require IE.

Colyn Goodson
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