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" getting changed changed to "&#10"

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xmlDocument.Save "
" getting changed changed to "&#10"
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I'm using xmlDocument.Save(xmlTextWriter) to create an Excel-readable
file. All works well, except where I've replaced the carriage return
chars in the .innertext to XML-compliant "&#10"; It gets changed to
"&#10" and doesn't render new lines in the Excel sheet.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,

Simon Lane

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The XML reader can't handle ampersands. Before you save it somewher
you have to replace the ampersand characters:

replace (strMyString, "&", "&").

Then when you are reading it back out - to display on the screen o
whatever you need to put the ampersand character back so it'

replace (strMyString, "&", "&").

If the XML reader comes across an ampersand character it just stops.

Hope this helps

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