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Worker Processes Running counter?

Rusty Shackleford
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I am having trouble getting my ASP.Net applications and sessions to stay
running. At first, I thought it was my lack of understanding of ASP.Net, or
the fact that I am using Anonymous authentication.

But, the ASP.Net\Worker Processes Running counter increments by one every
time I load an ASP.Net page. The counter is giving 50, or 60, or whatever,
but there are no aspnet_wp.exe processes running. There are no errors in
the Application event log. Every time I load a page, a new aspnet_wp.exe
process starts, runs the page, and then exits. I am getting a session end,
and an application end after every page load.

It does not matter what sort of application I am running. It happens for
all ASP.Net pages, even the blank one you get from the Visual Studio
"ASP.Net Web Site" template.

Is this some sort of bug or problem on my system? Why would "Worker
Processes Running" not be zero when there are no aspnet_wp.exe processing
actually running? I am using Windows XP/SP2, IIS 5.1, .Net Framework

Please help me.


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