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Re: Best way to use a header include file?

Alan Silver
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If the images are all in /images, then why bother with the ~ sign?
That's only for server controls anyway, so you have to remember to use /
in client stuff.

It would be easier to use /images for everything, as that will always
resolve to the images folder off the domain's root. No?

>> "~/images/whatever.ext" will work for any application folder.
>> "~" stand for the application root in ASP.NET,
>> so if you have a directory structure like this :
>> root
>> /images
>> /anotherdir
>> /anotherdir/someotherdir
>> /anotherdir/someotherdir/yetanotherdir
>> "~/images/whatever.ext" will reference root/images
>> from all those directories.

>Thanks. Where is this mentioned in the help file or MSDN? I don't even know
>what keyword to use for this.
>> Juan T. Llibre, ASP.NET MVP
>> Foros de ASP.NET en Espaņol :
>> ======================================
>> "John Dalberg" <(E-Mail Removed)2> wrote in message
>> news:1pmdxncbz8pf9$(E-Mail Removed)...
>>> I created a header file to be included in every webpage. The header file
>>> has images that have a path to an "images" folder off the root folder.
>>> However if I use this header file for web pages that reside in subfolders,
>>> I have to change the path of all the image links to '../images/' instead of
>>> 'images/'.
>>> What's the best way to have a single header file which *any* web page,
>>> regardless of its location, can use without modifying it to suit certain
>>> webpages depedning on their location?
>>> --
>>> John Dalberg

Alan Silver
(anything added below this line is nothing to do with me)
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