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What's the proper Doctype for pages ?
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I'm running my website against several HTML validators.
My pages have the html 4.01 strict doctype, because I wanted to avoid
problems with the difference in the box model across browsers.

However, all the validators complains about the use of "_" character as
the begining as an "id". I don't have this, but add these when
I use web controls which contains elements with id attributes.

Line 330, character 10:
<div id="_1f29738226adaf00__ctl0_topicGroupJobs_idTopic sCont ...
Error: value of attribute ID must start with a letter, not _

In this case, my id is just "topicsGroupJobs", all the rest is added by

What do you do in this case ?

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Posts: n/a
      09-09-2005 Removed) wrote in news:1126283846.988067.217890

> In this case, my id is just "topicsGroupJobs", all the rest is added by
> What do you do in this case ?

Ignore the validator ; )

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