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Calling dotnet assembly from URL
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Hi All,

What I am trying to do is call one dll with query string as parameter,
based on that my dll will decide how to perform. Basically I am trying
to create assebly which will return some value in xml or any format
based on querystring.

To start with I have created one assembly with main function which
alerts window alert box.

class TestClass{
public static void Main() {
Now in another project I have written
on button click event.

I tried calling dll using absolute URL path as well, but it gives error
"System.Security.SecurityException". Then I tried to configure IIS for
that particular virtual folder & enabled excutables to run, then I see
white page in browser with error "The specified procedure could not be
found." I tried to put dll in GAC after strong nameing, but it didnt
work as well.

Is it possible to call an assembly in such way. However I have seen
such application earlier where you call dll with querystring & it gives
pages based on data requested, probably developed in VB or some other
languages. For example, VB6 creates search.dll for ASP projects, which
works in same manner. Another example is

My aim is to call this URL via SOAP using javascript, & dll will return
some data to javascript, which will be used to display the data. I can
call another aspx or any other page but I want to keep the file in one
assembly & would be used as control.

Please let me know if such thing is possible or not. If yes, how?

Help appreciated in anticiaption,

- hungrymind

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..NET/ASP.NET/IIS don't really work this way.

Your best bet would be to create an ASP.NET HTTP Handler by
implementing System.Web.IHttpHandler.

Doing a quick google search for "ASP.NET Http Handler" will return many

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