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How do I convert a DateTime table column to a TimeSpan or DayOfWeek ?

Harry Haller
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The context is shown below in the getGames() method.

I get errors on these lines:

dtGames.Rows[i]["playTime"] = (TimeSpan)dtGames.Rows[i]["playDate"];
dtGames.Rows[i]["playDay"] = (DayOfWeek)dtGames.Rows[i]["playDate"];

because the playDate column is a DateTime.

Here is my solution but I don't like it. What else can I do?

dtGames.Rows[i]["playTime"] =
dtGames.Rows[i]["playDay"] =

public DataView getGames()
DataTable dtGames = DAL.GetTable("Games");
DataColumn colItem;

colItem = new DataColumn("playTime",

colItem = new DataColumn("playDay",

for (int i = 0; i <= dtGames.Rows.Count - 1; i++)
dtGames.Rows[i]["playTime"] =
dtGames.Rows[i]["playDay"] =

dvwGames = dtGames.DefaultView;
Cache.Insert("Games", dvwGames);
return dvwGames;

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