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Bookmark File lost and trying to resurrect in OSX.2.8

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Subject Note: I am copying this thread from another Mozilla newsgroup in
the hope that I can get this fixed today. Thanks to all for any advice.

I goofed again. Somehow in the midst of hardware issues, my Mozilla
information (ie: bookmarks, mailboxes, newsgroups, start page, etc) does
not load when I start Mozilla.

I have folders labeled "default" in my user/library/mozilla/profiles
folders and I think I have a copy of my correct "default" folder - I've
opened the bookmarks.html and it has my good info in it.

How do I get back to normal? I've tried copying all the files into a new
profile I created in Mozilla and that didn't work. I trashed the plist
and that didn't seem to work. TIA for any help.
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Mike Novack

PostPosted: Feb Sat 19th 2005 12:16pm
Not all files, that's the secret. You can't just copy in those files
which contain path data.

But your most important user data files can be copied into a new
proilfe. First step, in the new profile, recreate your mail accounts
with the same server names (makes an association between accoutn anme
and directory for that account). Now with Mozilla down..........

1) copy over bookmarks.html (your bookmarks)
2) copy ober abook.mab and history.mab (your personal and collected
adderess books -- if you had created additional address books, recreate
them first so you will have corresponding files to overlay.
3) copy the /mail directory --- I am assuming you are using POP
accounts. IMAP users usually have supprot available to get them out of
messes like this.

Back to the beginning. There are other files you probably could copy
over but that's something I'll leave to you to discover. Take a look
into any you are considering (using a text editor) to make sure there
doesn't seem to be any path data. For example, prefs.js is just chock
full of path data so that's a no-no (if you knew how to hand edit a
prefs.js so it could be used in a different profile you wouldn't be
askign for help)

PostPosted: Feb Sun 20th 2005 7:49am
Thanks, I was able to get all but the seemingly simple thing. The
bookmarks still show up as the default (, mozillazine, My bookmarks.html file when opened has my customized
bookmarks. Tried re-copying with Mozilla down. These files go in
user/library/mozilla/profiles ... right? TIA

Mike Novack

PostPosted: Feb Sun 20th 2005 9:48am
No, they go in some specific profile, not into the ..../profiles directory

Here is what I suggest. Assuming you have everythign else working (in
particula a POP mail account) use Mail&Newsgroup Account
Settings->Server Settings to get the local directry path for that
account. It will be ending something

You copy your backup bookmarks.html file to overlay the bookmarks.html
file in THAT /xxxxxxxx.slt directory (in other words, at the same
"level" as the /mail directory).


PostPosted: Feb Sun 20th 2005 11:30am
OK, I did that, and found the correct directory:
profiles/default/...slt/ and replaced the bookmark.html with my custom
one with Mozilla off. The bookmark.html is in the same level as the
cacheƒ, chatzillaƒ, mailƒ etc. I even opened the bookmarks.html to
ensure it was my custom one. But Mozilla still does not show the custom
one. I have even created a new profile and copied the custom bookmark
file, and in this case it does read the custom bookmarks. Could this be
a preferences issue? Thank you for your patience.
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