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Code-Behind Pain in the Behind!

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Okay, answer to my own question...sort of. My original search was
apparently in the wrong "department" of the msdn site. There is info on
late binding for .NET, so I gave it a try.

First, it said something about "can't do late binding with option
strict." So, I turned option strict off. Then it said something about
"can't create ActiveX object 'blah blah.'"

Back to the drawing board.


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if your not using visual studio then you don't need all that crappy code

put your header code into an ascx file
then in your aspx file use load control and a place holder

"Daniel Manes" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> Okay, here are the facts ma'am (or mister):
> 1. I have a user control called "Header" and a main page called
> "ReportMatch".
> 2. I've written "code-behinds" for both the user control and the main
> page.
> 3. This means four files: Ladder.ascx, Ladder.ascx.vb,
> ReportMatch.aspx, and ReportMatch.aspx.vb.
> 4. None of this stuff is precompiled, and I would prefer not to have to
> mess with precompiling and dll's and all that jazz (and I don't have
> VS.NET).
> 5. I have Option Strict turned on.
> 6. I can get the Header to show up in ReportMatch (yay!), but if I try
> to declare a variable in the ReportMatch code-behind as type Header, I
> get the error "BC30002: Type 'Header' is not defined" (boo!).
> So, my question:
> Is there any way to get this error to stop occurring? Please tell me
> there is. I'm going crazy here!
> Here are some code snippets (all in VB.NET):
> ********** from Ladder.ascx **********
> <%@ Control Language="VB" Explicit="True" Strict="True" Debug="True"
> Src="Ladder.ascx.vb" %>
> <table> ... some links ... </table>
> ********** from Ladder.ascx.vb **********
> Option Explicit
> Option Strict
> Imports System, System.Configuration, System.Data, System.Data.Odbc,
> System.Web.UI, System.Web.UI.WebControls
> Public Class Header
> Inherits UserControl
> Public LogInLink As HyperLink
> 'A few more declarations like this -- snipped
> Sub InitConnectObj
> Dim ConnectStr As String
> ConnectStr = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("ConnectStr")
> ConnectObjG.ConnectionString = ConnectStr
> End Sub
> 'Another method -- snipped
> End Class
> ********** from ReportMatch.ascx **********
> <%@ Page Language="VB" Explicit="True" Strict="True" Debug="True"
> Src="ReportMatch.aspx.vb" %>
> <%@ Register TagPrefix="Ladder" TagName="Header" Src="Ladder.ascx" %>
> <html><head> ... </head>
> <body><form runat="server">
> <Ladder:Header ID="HeaderCtrl" runat="server" />
> <table> ... some stuff ... </table>
> ... some custom validator tags ...
> </form></body></html>
> ********** from ReportMatch.ascx.vb **********
> Option Explicit
> Option Strict
> Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic, System, System.Configuration,
> System.Collections, System.Data, System.Data.Odbc, System.Math,
> System.Web.UI, System.Web.UI.WebControls
> Public Class ReportMatch
> Inherits Page
> Public HeaderCtrl As Header = CType(LoadControl("Ladder.ascx.vb"),
> Header) 'This generates the error "BC30002: Type 'Header' is not
> defined"!!!
> Public DateCtrl As Calendar
> 'A few more declarations like this -- snipped
> Sub Page_Load(Sender As Object, E As EventArgs)
> HeaderCtrl.InitConnectObj() 'If I try to declare HeaderCtrl As Type
> Control or UserControl, this doesn't work because InitConnectObj is not
> a method of either of those classes.
> 'Some other stuff -- snipped
> End Sub
> 'Several methods and validation handlers -- snipped
> End Class
> I've scoured this newsgroup and Google and tried seemingly everything
> (except precompiling into dll's, which I hope I don't have to do), and
> I just can't get this thing working.
> Thanks in advance! (or TIA! if you prefer your thank you's in acronym
> form)
> -Dan

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