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Passing special characters from html form to aspx application

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Hi all,

I have a standard html form containing several textboxes. Since this
is a german application, the boxes are likely to contain special
characters like , , , etc. The form is passed to the
application via action="FormHandler.aspx" method="post". Evaluating
the values in Request.Form.GetValues(key)[0] yields the content of the
textboxes omitting the special characters, for example typing
"Rdiger" (7 chars) in the form results in "Rdiger" (6 chars) in the
aspx application. An interesting effect is the following: When I use
method="get" instead and check Request.Url.ToString(), the correct
special chars are in the url
(http://.../FormHandler.aspx?Name=Rdiger?...). The problem is that I
have to use method="post". Changing encType to "multipart/form-data"
or "text/plain" or "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" doesn't change
the behaviour. Any ideas? I guess this should be possible with

Thanks in advance.
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