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UI Design Question

Jeffrey Todd
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Just looking for ideas here... I can come up with something, but I'd like to
know how some of you would implement this (specifically the user interface
controls you'd use):

I have to let users enter lists of name/value pairs into a database. Users
need to be able to enter (1) a name for the list; (2) the list itself -
which will be comprised of name/value pairs, and a sequence value. The
number of items per list will be determined by the user, and will have an
arbitrary max of 100 (each list will have from 1 to 100 items in it -
typically 8-12 items).

List name: "Visited States"

List Items:
NV, Nevada, 3
FL, Florida, 1
WV, West Virginia 2

What user interface controls would you use to provide the ability to create,
modify, and maintain these lists?

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