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Datagrid embedded textbox text fill on postback

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I have dropdown control on my form and after the onchange event I
reload a datagrid and fill a textbox embedded in a cell with the text
from the invisible next column. Unfortunately the text will not fill
on postback. The data is present in the column next to the template
column but the textbox will not be filled by the code beneath. I cast
the embedded control to a textbox and I am able to change all other
properties but the text. Any idea?

txt=(TextBox)e.Item.Cells[General.GetCellValue(dgrTexts,language.Description )].Controls[0];
if(e.Item.Cells[General.GetCellValue(dgrTexts,language.ID.ToString ())].Text
txt.Text=e.Item.Cells[General.GetCellValue(dgrTexts,language.ID.ToString ())].Text;
else txt.Text="";

Thanks, Peppie
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