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Remoting error with DataGrid.DataBind() method

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hello. i have a VB ASP.NET page that runs the following code in the
code-behind file:

Dim oMyObject = Server.CreateObject("MyLibrary.MyObject")
Dim oDT = New DataTable
oDT = oMyObject.MyDataTable
DataGrid1.DataSource = oDT

MyLibrary is a C# class library wrapped from COM interop, and
registered under COM+ (and generally works just fine).

MyObject is a C# class with a public DataTable property called

however, when i try to execute the DataBind method of the DataGrid, i
get the following error:

System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException: This remoting proxy has no
channel sink which means either the server has no registered server
channels that are listening, or this application has no suitable client
channel to talk to the server.

anyone know what is causing this, and how to resolve it?

thanks in advance,


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