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rollover buttons

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I'm newbie to though I have good classic asp experience.
Can any one suggest whats the best way to create rollover button..
I checked below link
but when page first time loads, it takes bit more time to see roll over image when you put mouse first time on image.
Is it possible easier way to keep button on when user click and goes off when he clicks on another button..
Any help would be appreciated...

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If this button is an image you can add the attribute runat=server this
will allow you to access this image in the code behind via the

Then in you code behind create a protected variable like so

protected System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlImage imageName;

Then in the Page_load method you can do this.

imageName.Attributes.add("onMouseOver", "doRollover()")

What this does is render a image tag when the page loads that will look
like this

<img src="asdfsaf.gif" onMouseOver="foRollover()">

now the java script can be written as normal.

Hope that helps,

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