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Insane server control style problem...

Jack Black
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Using VS.Net 2k3 to build ASP.Net pages with VB code-behind...

OK, this is getting silly. I have some basic textboxes (Server
controls) on a webform. Some are coming up with white backgrounds,
and some are coming up with yellow backgrounds.

1) There is no CSSClass setting on any of the textboxes
2) BackgroundColor properties are NOT getting set in code.
3) Forcing a CSSClass or BackgroundColor property in code on the
yellow fields does NOTHING to change the background color!

What's the deal?? Is there some weird trick to getting the background
color property of one of these controls to work correctly?? Setting
the property at design-time does no good; setting the property in code
at runtime does no good!

What's up here?!?!? This is driving me bonkers!

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I assume, you have google toolbar or such a thing installed in your
broswer that offers Auto Complete for recognized elements. All input
fields with something like 'Name' or 'Email' therefore are rendered
yellow, to indicate that they can be auto-filled by pushing the button
in the google toolbar.

Hope this helps.

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