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Norvin's CUSTOM Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (For Windows)

Norvin Adams III
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My CUSTOM version of Mozilla Firefox is meant for users who are making the
switch from Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE). It has enhancements that the
default release versions of Mozilla Firefox & MSIE don't have. Many thanks
go out to the authors of these extensions I used for my CUSTOM version of
Mozilla Firefox.


1) Bookmarks Toolbar is turned off.

2) History is set to 30 days.

3) Download Manager History is cleared upon exiting Mozilla Firefox.

4) Cookies are allowed for the originating web site only.

5) You will be asked where to save files whenever you download files.

6) "Resize large images to fit in the browser window" is turned off.

7) "Use autoscrolling" is turned off.

"Use smooth scrolling" is turned on.

9) "Open links from other applications in:" is set to "a new tab in the most
recent window".

10) "Hide the tab bar when only one web site is open" is turned off.

11) Print button is added to the Navigation Toolbar.

12) A few handy BOOKMARKS have been added.

13) Amazon & Creative Commons removed from drop down search list.

14) Macromedia Flash Player 7 installed.

15) "Copy Plain Text 0.2.1" by Jeremy Gillick installed. Now you can copy
text without using the format the web page used. Highlight the text you want
to copy, right-click on it, and select COPY AS PLAIN TEXT.

16) "DictionarySearch 0.7" by Jaap Haitsma installed. Highlight a word you
don't know, right-click once on it, and select "Dictionary Search for ..."
to find its definition.

17) "fireFTP 0.86.1" by Mime Cuvalo installed. This adds an excellent FTP
client to Firefox.

1 "FLST 0.8.1" by Daniel Lindkvist installed. FLST stands for "Focus Last
Selected Tab". If you have 3 tabs open and you were using tab #1 last and
close tab #3, the focused tab will be tab #1 instead of tab #2.

19) "Image Zoom 0.1.7" by Jason Adams installed. Right-click once on an
image then select "Zoom Image" to make images bigger or smaller.

20) "OpenBook 1.2.0" by chuonthis installed & configured. Now adding a
website to your BOOKMARKS is much easier.

21) "Popup Count 0.2.6" by Pike installed. Pike says it, "Counts the number
of blocked popups on each webpage, displaying the number in the statusbar.
Additionally the all-time total number of blocked popups is displayed in
either a tooltip or the statusbar."

22) "Sort Bookmarks 0.6.0" by Torisugari installed. Click on BOOKMARKS >
SORT BY NAME to sort BOOKMARKS alphabetically.

23) "SpellBound 0.7.1" by Robert Strong installed using the following

- spellbound-0.7.1.xpi
- en_us.xpi
- spellbound-lib-win32-0.7.0.xpi

The Spell Checker will check the spelling of any text entered into any text
box. Simply right-click once in any text box and then left-click on "Check

Other dictionaries can be downloaded from...

24) "Tabbrowser Preferences 1.1.1" by Bradley Chapman installed & configured
to allow proper tabbed browsing.

25) "TinyUrl Creator 0.7.1" by Jeremy Gillick installed & configured. Have
you ever e-mailed an extremely long URL to a friend only to see that the
link has been broken due to e-mail formatting? Click on TOOLS > TINYURL
CREATOR to shorten those long URLs up so they work!

26) "Translate" by Paul Grave installed. You can translate web pages
in foreign languages to English with this handy extension. Click on TOOLS >
TRANSLATE and select the foreign language you want translated into English.


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