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Opening links in Thunderbird messages

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(On 12/23/2004 9:05 PM) Dan Hunting wrote:
> Leonidas Jones wrote:
>> ::..BRIAN..:: wrote:
>>> (On 12/23/2004 12:08 PM) Leonidas Jones wrote:
>>>> Dan Hunting wrote:
>>>>> I just started using TB 0.9 and Firefox, having converted from
>>>>> Netscape 7.1. When I click on a link in an email message, it opens
>>>>> in (horrors!) MSIE. How do I get it to open these links in Firefox?
>>>> Try the easy fix. Open IE and make it default browser. Then open FF
>>>> and make it default browser. Do the links in TB work now?
>>> That's not easier than using the "Set Browser" tool

>> It is if Set Browser isn't already and installed. .
>> I've never used Set browser, but I did read up on it, and, if the
>> programs are doing their job of setting registry keys, it shouldn't be
>> needed. My workaround usually gives a little nudge to the registry,
>> getting it work right.

> Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. I tried Set Browser,
> but with no luck. Then I made IE the default browser and immediately
> switched back to FF. Presto! Everything works as it should now. Thanks
> to everyone for your advice.
> - Dan

Hmm... works for others, but I guess one solution isn't the /only/
solution. Too bad Set Browser didn't work for you, but it's good to see
your problem was fixed anyway. Maybe Set Browser only works for newer
versions of Windows? Or only _works correctly_?


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