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Firefox gamed - Drudge getting around Firefox popup blocker

Matt O'Toole
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I wrote:

> Venger wrote:

>> I noticed that somehow, some sites are getting around the Firefox
>> popup blocker. It's happened twice now, this time on a link from
>> to - a
>> popup window comes up in a separate window.

>> I know, ghastly! Having browsed for months now without being brute
>> force gangbanged by ads and popup nonsense, it's quite a shock to
>> have to babysit my web browser lest it crapalanche the taskbar.

>> Anyone see anything similar, or know if this is a known sneak around
>> the Firefox popup blocker that will be addressed with a release?

> I didn't get any popups w/ the links you refer to, but I've been
> getting a lot of them lately elsewhere. I have no idea how they're
> being generated. I have the normal Javascript popup blocker turned
> on, and it has worked like a charm until very recently.

Well, I found my problem. It wasn't Firefox. It was a new spyware/adware bug
called SearchAssistant, which apparently has been spreading like wildfire the
last few days. The actual files go by several different names, and not all the
security sites are up to date with the latest info. But the popular
spyware/adware eliminators, Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster, and AdAware will take
care of it. After updating and running these, I got rid of it last night.

Since then I've been to some sites where I had been experiencing the popups, and
I'm not getting them anymore.

So if you're having mysterious popup problems, check this one out.

Matt O.

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