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Marquee from database

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I am retrieving News headlines and put it inside a marquee as hyperlinks.
When the user clicks on the headline i want to display the news page with the
specific news detail. the retrieving is fine but I don't know how can i put
the news id , where to keep it,,,, to request it in the news page. so when
the users clicks on the headline it recognises the id and show the specific
details for that news id.

Dim da As New SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter("select Top 3 * from Announcements
order by posteddate DESC", con)
For Each dr In dt.Rows
strScroller &= "<a
href='News.aspx?Category=Announcements&ID={0}'> " &
dr.Item("Headline").ToString & "</a>" & " &nbsp;
strScroller = "<marquee id=mar1 direction=left>" & strScroller &
Literal1.Text &= strScroller

<td colspan="2" style="width: 100%; height: 18px;" bgcolor="#058c6e">
<marquee direction=left scrollamount="10" scrolldelay="700"
style="color:White"><strong><asp:Literal id="Literal1"

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James Steele
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Hi Ali,

There are a few places you could place the news id and have it
available on the news page. You could store it in a session variable,
or pass it in the querystring, or even use a hidden form field.

You can find many good examples by googling it..

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