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bill 03-14-2005 04:20 PM

frameset, viewstate, treeview...
I'm upgrading an existing IIS application to .NET webforms.

I need to preserve the existing look/feel - a covnentional 3-pane frameset
with a header, left-side treeview menu, and content frame on the right side.

I can't use integrated security, so I need to hide the username/password in
the viewstate, or keep them in session variables.

It is becoming cumbersome, and I'm looking for advice if anyone has
confronted a similar scenario.

I guess the treeview menu has to use client-side scripting to populate the
content frame.
Can I pass the viewstate to the new aspx in the content frame somehow?

Would I be better off mimicking a frameset in one aspx page, with multiple
user controls for the treeview, header, and various content items? I just
don't want any complaints about the whole screen flickering when a selection
is made on the treeview.


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