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Gordon Freeman 05-11-2013 10:52 PM

Re: How to display RGB settings for a pixel in a photo?
Jennifer Murphy <JenMurphy@jm.invalid> wrote:

> Is there an easy way for me to find the RGB settings for a pixel in a
> digital photo (JPG)? I have IrfanView, Paint, and Visio. Can any opf
> them do it? I can't figure out how.

In Irfanview, just select the pixel by pointing at it with your mouse, hold
down the left mouse button and the RGB value will be shown in the title bar
along with the x,y co-ordinates of the pixel. (Doesn't work in full screen
mode, only windowed mode.)

For sampling pixels that are not within a picture file (e.g. on a webpage)
I use Colorpad, which is a little applet which lets you sample any pixel on
your screen and copy the RGB values to the clipboard. It also lets you
compare pixels, and can give you a magnified view of the area you are
pointing at so that you can select a pixel precisely.

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