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Tony Cooper 03-20-2013 02:33 AM

Shoot-In Comments by Cooper
Bob Coe - His Wachusett Dam and Nashua River Valley shots don't really
convey Looking Up/Looking Down, but they sure convey being cold. My
nose is dripping just looking at them. Again, with Porter Square
Subway station, not much feeling of looking up. There's a photo there
with shapes and shadows, but not for this mandate. That area to the
lower left could be re-shot, but I dunno for what mandate. It could
be interesting with strong shadows and the slanted glass.

Martha Coe - She has me shivering, too, with her snow in the trees
shot. Great photo, but not for this mandate. The crocus shot begs
for a macro and a "new birth" theme. I could even see a macro of this
titled "Pushing Up" for this mandate. The whale skeleton shot is a
bit busy without a central point of interest.

Bowser - Definitely in the mandate with the shot of the Rockies. The
Lady is sharp all the way up. Good job on the ceiling of the Pollazzo
and a good example of when *not* to correct perspective.

? - The reflections in an image turned upside-down is the one I like
in this month's group. Just for consistency, the blue water at the
lower right could be matched with the water above it. That one spot
of bright blue distracts somewhat. I like the warm gold in this

Rob - The stairwell shot is right for the mandate, but (here I go
again with cropping) would work much better if cropped to that
brighter area in the middle. That mix of lines and spaces is great,
but the straight lines in the lower portion don't add much and, maybe,
take away. I know I like the trees, and I assume PeterN
abstract that's not an abstract.

Savageduck - I read some comment that this (46W) doesn't have much of
a "looking down" feel, but I disagree. I see it. I don't do, or very
much appreciate, landscapes but even I know good composition. Just
enough sky, a partial framing of dark green, and a lovely haze in the
background. The San Martin Rock has less appeal to me, but I suppose
it's good for that type of shot. Having the land mass at the right is
a better touch than just the Rock. Bald Top is well composed with
three vertical bands of color (on a diagonal) but misses something.

Not being a landscape guy, I miss central points of interest in a
photo. I want something to look at, and then something to explore.

Tim Conway - This has been done almost as much as lighthouse stairs,
but this is kinda muddy. The sailboat image looks like a scanned

Tony Cooper - Orlando FL

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