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Me 03-19-2013 07:43 PM

Re: D5100 File numbering...
On 20/03/2013 7:51 a.m., Jake wrote:
> This camera has three options, File number sequence on/off/reset.
> The default is off, I guess this means that the camera will number the
> photos sequentially from the last photo shot, once I wipe the card, it will
> start again from DSC_0001
> I don't want it to do this so I turned it to on, and shot some more photos.
> However it created a new folder 101D5100 and started from DSC_0001, ignoring
> the 270 or so I had already shot in 100D5100.
> I renamed the files manually so the sequence matches and moved them into
> 100D5100, then turned the number sequence to off. But when I fill the card,
> it will start shooting from DSC_0001 again, how do I get it to remember the
> last number even when I wipe the card?
> Turning it on the file number sequence, any further photos are at DSC_0030
> or something, the thirty or so photos I shot before I realised they were all
> out of sequence.

I don't have a d5100. There's probably a setting in the "shooting menu"
part of the menu system, to change the "active folder", or allowing you
to select an existing folder or create a new folder number.
For some obscure reason, this is in a completely different part of the
menu system (at least on my nikon dslr) than the file number sequence
settings you've been looking at.
Nikon's menu system drives me nuts. Even after owning and using the
same camera for 5 years, I still have to hunt around - I don't find the
reason that they put settings i.n particular sections of the menu
intuitive at all.

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