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Stephane Wirtel 03-01-2013 03:10 PM

Best Practices with Python
Hi all,

How are you ? me ? fine ;-)

I have a lot of questions about the development with Python.

I want to discuss about the tools for the enhancement of the quality of
a project, not about the debugging (I don't want to discuss about pdb,
ipdb, pudb, ...)

I use these tools

1. Documentation

a. I like the reStructuredText syntax
b. We can parse the files and get an AST
c. We can add a lot of directives or new roles for custom behaviors
d. We can generate several output formats (pdf, epub, html)

2. BDD
I use Behave:

3. TDD

4. Code

Clone Digger ?
for me this project is very useful because we can determine the
duplicated code via a pattern matching.
but the project seems to be dead

pylint ?
very strict but we can change the configuration, but very useful
to have a quality of code

flake8 ?
more permissive than pylint.

5. Continuous Integration Server
Jenkins with Shining Panda

What do you think about Buildbot ?

6. Logging

And you, what are your best practices ?



St├ęphane Wirtel - - @matrixise

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