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Mayayana 02-19-2013 02:59 AM

Re: "Mouse overe to see ..." - nothing different.
| Some work, some don't. I can confirm that the one on the
| "" page you posted doesn't work on my Mac with
| both Safari and Chrome.

That's using a popular, pre-written script function that comes
with DreamWeaver, called MM_swapImage (MM as in MacroMedia.)
People use it a lot for "rollovers" -- changing an image on mouse
hover. The page is infested with script but I don't see anything
indicating the code for MM_swapImage was actually included.

Another way to do something similar would be with the CSS :hover
event, which would work in most late-model browsers. So if you have
script disabled it could be that the ones that work are the ones using
CSS. While if you have script enabled then it's probably just a case
of a lot of people pasting in prepackaged code like MM_swapImage
and not implementing it properly. (If they're using Dreamweaver they
probably don't understand webpage code anyway.)

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