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skp 02-12-2013 03:22 PM

Re: [SI] Steeples -The 'Duck Comments
> KPetre:
> Steeples-01:
> This great building shot in this light is disappointing.Here is where
> some work in post processing or even HDR would have produced what I
> believe would have been a great image.

You must have realized by now I am not an expert on post processing and also not a great fan (Though I must admit sometimes it really helps the image).
What you see is more or less what I saw at the camera on a not too bad Glasgow day (meaning at least it was dry).

> Steeples-02:
> Here the contrasty light resulting in this silhouette has produced a
> very interesting and evocative image. Nicely done.

Thanks, this is one of my favourites.
Here is the crane,

> Steeples-03:
> This is a great steeple/spire, but another one where I would have
> preferred to be able to discern more detail by lifting the shadows
> hiding that detail.

The building is University of Glasgow (founded nearly 50 years before Christopher Columbus sailed to America).

Thanks for your comments, always looking forward to reading them.

K Petre

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