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Me 02-05-2013 08:36 PM

Re: Panasonic colour filter doubles sensitivity
On 6/02/2013 8:50 a.m., Alfred Molon wrote:
> The idea is that instead of filtering out certain light colours, colours
> are separated by diffraction, so that more of the incoming light is
> used. As a result the sensor is twice as sensitive.

Nikon patented a method a few years ago, where the sensor used a
dichroic mirror array over the sensor to separate colours. AFAIK they
didn't divulge a method to produce a dichroic mirror array at the small
pixel size expected for the idea to be useful.
For this Panasonic method, they state: "Micro color splitters are
fabricated using a conventional semiconductor manufacturing process"
There was some comment on DPReview from people who /seemed/ to know what
they were talking about, mentioning that pixel size to use the Panasonic
method needed to be < 1um.

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