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Julio F Schwarzbeck 02-02-2013 08:35 PM

RESTful API for own python application
Howdy folks, I have a couple of questions that imo requires some
feedback by the smarts, I'd appreciate any comments you can add to this
issue, here's my situation:

I am developing an application, the application stores small text
snippets (think of something similar to evernote), and it has the
standard CRUD operations of any other application.

Now my question is, how much would you recommend creating the entire
CRUD operations as a REST API even for my own program, I plan to have a
"thin" web client UI to make these operations, but I am thinking about
creating another client for ubuntu and its phone, for instance, and
possibly connections from other clients.

Under the scenario above, I think it makes sense, but what about other
applications that I have created in which the the back-end does not talk
to anyone except the actual app and may or may not expose resources
externally, would it make sense to 'standardize' in my CRUD operations
for all my existing applications (forum system, q/a web app, ticketing
system, and several others).

Thanks in advance from your responses.


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