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Jorge Alberto Diaz Orozco 01-31-2013 12:04 AM

Re: pyrudp
I have restrictions in my system that does not allow me to use TCP, so I want to make a pipe over UDP imitating TCP behavior.
I have control over both endpoints, and I´m writing both of them.
I just don´t want to re-invent the wheel and I´m looking for a reliable UDP sockets implementation for Python so I can start from there.


It's nice to "want" but what is your actual condition/problem? Are you
trying to re-invent the wheel, implement a senior project, or are you
trying to work around some administrative or technical restriction
against tcp? What's the use case?

Do you have control over both ends? Are you writing both ends of the
imitation tcp you're writing?

One of the car magazines published a road test of the Mercedes GT
(garbage truck). It had plenty of power, but its top speed was 6 mph,
and it leaned horribly around the pylon obstacle course. Not what I'd
take to the race track.

Point is that a definitive specification of requirements will be much
more useful than a simple wanna.

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