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Leonard, Arah 01-17-2013 10:19 PM

RE: Thorough Python 2.7.3 Windows Build Documentation?
Hello Python programmers,

Here's an update on my conundrum: When compiling and building CPython 2.7..3 for Win32 from source I see a 30% performance loss from the precompiled binaries in the Python 2.7.3 MSI. Everything that I do gets the same results. I've tried a standard release build. I've tried a PGO build by running build_pgo.bat. I've tried changing every compile and link optimization flag manually. I've tried VS 2008 Professional with SP1 and hotfixes applied, and then without. I've even tried building on two different PCs just incase. I always get the same results: 30% less performance than the precompiled binaries. Frankly, I'm out of things to try. All that I can imagineat this point is that maybe a different edition of VS 2008 creates a 30% faster executable than the Professional edition I have access to? If anyonehas specific knowledge of the exact build machine hardware and compiler version used to create the Win32 Python 2.7.3 precompiled binaries I would greatly appreciate knowing how to duplicate that verbatim. Thanks.

Arah Leonard

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