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Peter 01-08-2013 07:29 PM

Re: [SI] Street - The Duck Comments - The Newman Edition
On 1/8/2013 8:27 AM, Savageduck wrote:> SI Mandate:

> Peter Newman:
> …and here is my addendum:
> Street-01:
> OK! I guess you had to use a “street” to get to the beach. I would call
> this more “eye-candy candid” than street. That is not to say I don’t
> enjoy the anticipation to the hormone level changes I might experience
> due to the promise of this capture. .

South Beach can be seen from the street. :-)

> Street-02:
> Nice capture! Now while your introduction of grain is better executed
> than Bowser’s attempt, it seems a little less than subtle to me. I would
> have preferred a lighter hand in that area. Though I suspect the problem
> might have been the ISO 25,600 you used. Somehow I think that was you
> pushing your new D800 to an extreme uncalled for at that particular
> location.

Your suspicion is entirely correct. I was pushing it, however, the
lighting conditions required the high ISO. Look at my aperture and
shutter speed and you will see what I mean. Also, in keeping with the
mandate I did no post processing, except for some minor exposure
corrections. I preferred to err on the side of graininess. Yes, I
probably could have run some noise reduction but preferred not to.

> Street-03:
> Much better, but still a little noisy in the face. I like this shot.
> I know you have this thing for high ISO, but just because your camera is
> capable of capturing images at those high ISO levels doesn’t mean you
> should push it all the time. The two B&W images you submitted would
> have, in my opinion, been far better at a lower ISO.

See above, and you will notice that I could not have run a much lower ISO.

Besides, it has always been in my nature to push the limits.

-- PeterN


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