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grinch 01-05-2013 06:15 PM

Cisco 881W weirdness or am doing something daft
I have been building a Cisco 881 wireless without any issue, router
works as I would expect until I save the configs and reload the router.

The wireless AP side looses it's config but the router side does not

The confreg on the router side is correct (0x2102) but not on the
wireless AP (0x0F).

There is no confreg changing command on the wireless AP (that I can see)
side just on the Router side.

I am using the 60 day test licence ,the ios is 15.1.4 (K9)which
according to the Cisco CCO website has no issues. BGP works fine as does
the IPsec tunnel and the DSL

Anybody had similar issues if so how did you fix them ?

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