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Andrea Crotti 01-03-2013 04:35 PM

running multiple django/bottle instances
I'm working on a quite complex web app that uses django and bottle
(bottle for the API which is also restful).

Before I came they started to use a staging server to be able to try out
things properly before they get published, but now we would like to have
the possibility to see multiple branches at a time.

First we thought about multiple servers, but actually since bottle and
django can be made to run on different ports, I thought why not running
everything on one server on different ports?

We also use elasticsearch and couchdb for the data, but these two
don't change that much and can just be a single instance.

So what would be really great could be


and something keeps track of all the various branches tracked, and run
or keeps running bottle/django on different ports for the different

Is there something in the wonderful python world which I could bend to
my needs?

I'll probably have to script something myself anyway, but any
suggestions is welcome, since I don't have much experience with web stuff..

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