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Kene Meniru 01-03-2013 02:06 PM

Re: Can't seem to start on this
D'Arcy J.M. Cain wrote:

> OK, "global variables" is the clue that you need to rethink this. Try
> to stay away from global variables as much as possible except for maybe
> some simple setup variables within the same file. Consider something
> like this instead.

The global variable is not part of the LinearMark object. It will be used by
ALL objects created. I understand the uneasiness with this so maybe I will
make it a function so it will be set with something like:


> In file B:
> class TopClass(object):
> def __init__(self, snap_size, var1 = None, var2 = None):
> self.snap_size = snap_size
> self.var1 = var1
> if var2 is None: self.var2 = 7
> self.var3 = "GO"
> self.var4 = "Static string"
> *add class methods here*
> In file A:
> class MyClass(TopClass):
> def __init__(self, var1):
> TopClass.__init__(self, 10, var1, 8)
> self.var3 = "STOP"
> x = MyClass(42)
> x.var4 = "Not so static after all"

As I mentioned, the file "A" can be considered a scene file. I do not want
the user to have to create classes there. I apologize for the lack of code.
I will soon have some python code so my future questions will have some

Thanks for the comments.

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