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Becky 01-02-2013 06:45 PM

WD Black 4TB Hard Drive
Techgage have reviewed the massive WD Black 4TB Hard Drive:


"As I begin writing this review, I find myself sitting here in awe that its a 4TB hard drive were dealing with. I had the same reaction when the first 1TB model hit the market, and likewise, the first 2TB model. 3TB seemed a little unimpressive given our progression up to that point, but 4TB were talking 4,000 freaking gigabytes. Storage vendors have sure come a long way to be able to cram 4TB of storage into the same 3.5-inch form-factor weve been dealing with for eons.

See what I just did there? I managed to go the entire first paragraph without mentioning the S word. Id like to think Ive accomplished greater things in my life, but this one stands out.

With that over with, lets talk about SSDs. Today, if you dont place an SSD ahead of the mechanical storage in your PC, youre doing it wrong. While the reasons are numerous for why an SSD is a better solution for your OS and applications, it boils down to performance, plain and simple. Were not talking only about transfer speeds here, because those to me are fairly pointless in the grand scheme. What matters is access times, and SSDs have managed to cut those down to 1/100th or better versus mechanical storage. In many ways, an SSD is a better upgrade than a faster CPU (sorry, AMD and Intel)."
You can read more here.

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