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Wolfgang Weisselberg 12-16-2012 05:35 PM

Re: Sony tells DSLR shooters they're idiots
Alfred Molon <> wrote:
> In article <>, David Dyer-Bennet says...

>> It's mostly a problem when your eye isn't on the viewfinder, which isn't
>> very common.

> That depends on how you shoot ;-)

How do *you* shoot with an SLR?


> But even viewfinder-shooters would have this problem when the camera is
> on a tripod.

The problem appears only in very few circumstances, and when
you use a tripod *and* it's darkish *and* strong light shines
into the viewfinder ... well, the camera either has a small
rubber cover for the viewfinder on the strap (which you don't
need on a tripod) or a manual shutter for the viewfinder,
which you can open and close with a dedicated lever.

The lag between the light entering the EVIL's lens and the
display in the EV is *much* *much* more of a problem and it's
in every situation that's not static. Do you consider that as
crippling or as a real limitation? So why should we consider
covering the viewfinder in rare situations as a problem?


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