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Anatoli Hristov 12-11-2012 11:19 AM

Re: MySQLdb insert HTML code error
> SSCCE starts with "Short". The HTML you unloaded into that email
> hardly qualifies.
> When you're trying to figure out a problem that appears to happen only
> when you have X and not when you have Y, see what the smallest example
> data for X and Y are that continue to exhibit the difference. It's way
> easier, especially on those of us who might have been interested in
> helping, had it been possible to paste your failing code into IDLE.
> Plus, in cutting it down you might discover what the real cause of the
> problem is.
> Of course, sometimes you fail to cut something down as expected. In
> this example, HTML didn't turn out to be the problem, so cutting it
> down to "<html></html>" wouldn't have worked. But do at least _try_,
> and then mention what worked and didn't work in your question.

This is the reason I posted in the beginning only the part with the
problem function.
- after I posted the all string (the HTML) as there was some miss
- I will try to follow the (sscce) next time, excuse me as I'm a
beginner in coding at all.


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