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Chris Malcolm 12-09-2012 05:27 PM

Re: Sony tells DSLR shooters they're idiots
In Alfred Molon <> wrote:
> In article <>, David Dyer-Bennet says...
>> Which is why a completely separate sensor (system) is used for
>> metering.

> Ok but Sony SLT cameras and all mirrorless can meter with the main
> sensor, so have an advantage here over classical DSLRs.

Plus the earlier technology Sony alphas which had a separate live view
image sensor (A300 & 350 at least) used that sensor, when it was
activated, for exposure assessment. I recall some reviewers of the
A350 mentioning how amazingly well the A350 in live view mode managed
on autoexposure to avoid overexposing small highlights.

Chris Malcolm

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