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Fred McKenzie 11-30-2012 07:28 PM

Re: flatbed scanner advice
In article <V5Sts.91266$O62.25319@fed01.iad>,
"Michael D. Berger" <> wrote:

> I need a scanner primarily for old photos, but also for general
> paperwork. I am thinking of an Epson 700. Any suggestions?


I think the Epson or any of the other suggestions will probably meet
your needs. If you need to scan film, some flatbed scanners may work
for you, but a film scanner will probably do a better job.

I have an old Acer flatbed scanner that does not have drivers available
for newer systems. VueScan works with it.

I also use VueScan with a CanoScan LIDE 200. It gets its power from the
computer's USB bus. I use it with a laptop computer, which is very
handy at a reunion.


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