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Wolfgang Weisselberg 11-28-2012 09:49 PM

Re: Sony tells DSLR shooters they're idiots
Alfred Molon <> wrote:

> Well, the future is mirrorless anyway,

The future is without any of the readers of this newsgroup.

> i.e. the swinging mirror is a
> dying design.

Every reader of this newsgroup is a dying person.

> That's why Nikon and Canon have introduced their own
> mirrorless line.

Oh, so you're saying that about everyone thinks Full Frame
is dying (please direct me to a full frame EVIL) and Nikon
obviously thinks any sensor larger than ca. 13x9mm must
be dying.

If you want to see something that's moribund, look for
chemical film sensors.

News: Canon and Nikon have had compact cameras for a long time ...
Canon's IXUS (ELPH) was an APS-film based camera, for example.
They certainly were thinking back then that FF was dying ...
and of course, the IXUS had no mirror. But for some reason
Canon continued to make SLRs and DSLRs.

> My brother plans to sell his Nikon D90 and keep only
> the Canon G1X mirrorless.

Well, that certainly is irrefutable proof for your claim.


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