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Weland 11-29-2012 09:48 AM

Re: What's new in C?
On 2012-11-29, Cal Dershowitz <cal@example.invalid> wrote:
> Did embedded systems eventually embrace newer C?

Not overwhelmingly, but mostly because quite a few of the features
introduced in C99 aren't that necessary in embedded systems. Well, the
inttypes.h thing helped a little, and so did snprintf, but IIRC many
of these things were already available in various compilers, just not
part of the standard? I've seen folks developing for the 8051 (yes, it
has not died yet, that thing is worse than Jesus!) in a bastardized
ANSI C as recently as August this year.

I don't know about C11. Alignment specification sounds like something
we could use sometimes, and the bounds-checking interfaces may make
things less painful to debug on devices with little user I/O.

Weland Treebark,
Wandering Philosopher and Engineer

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