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David Taylor 11-19-2012 07:22 AM

Re: Camera JPEG engines
On 18/11/2012 23:33, Alfred Molon wrote:
> I'd be curious about your opinion/experience with the JPEG output of
> today's cameras. Do you only shoot RAW and postprocess everything, or
> RAW+JPEG and only postprocess selectively, or do you only shoot JPEG?
> My personal experience is that the JPEG output of modern cameras is not
> bad, sometimes surprisingly good, and -if the camera is set up properly-
> only a certain percentage of images need RAW processing.

For my purposes, the JPEG output is just fine (from my Nikon D5000), and
has been OK with the limited amount of shooting on my Sony HX200V. The
Nikon has dynamic range extension - "Active-D lighting" - which I always
have enabled.

I would only use RAW in exceptional circumstances.

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