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Arne Vajhøj 11-18-2012 05:07 PM

Re: X.509 certificates
On 11/18/2012 4:28 AM, brawnwithbrain wrote:
> Please, I need the answer to this question.
> As I am a novice programmer, I am finding it hard to answer this question.

> Demonstrate the use of X.509 certificate to exchange messages that achieve confidentiality. The client loads the server’s certificate and proceeds to verify its authenticity and validity. This includes checking the expiration date and verifying if the certificate was signed using the private key that corresponds to
> the specified public key. Also, print the content of the certificate you received. If the certificate received is valid, proceed to exchange confidential messages between the two parties.
> Create an X.509 certificate for the Server, using RSA as the key generation algorithm. This certificate can be self-signed and it should have your name. Use keytool for this purpose. keytool is installed as part of the standard Java SDK/Runtime library, and is located in its bin subfolder. Refer to the keytool’s documentation for further instructions.

Start doing as the assignment requires and ask specific questions
when you get stuck.


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