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Chris Malcolm 11-12-2012 10:56 AM

Re: 8 by 10 in dots?
rdoc <> wrote:
> Hello,

> If my Paint Shop Pro is set to work at 300 dpi, what is the true size for an
> 8X10?

> 2400X3000????

> I'm not just interested in the ratio, I'd like to know what size to actually
> make it view at 8X10.

DPI is "dots per inch", which is how some printers combine their
coloured inks to correspond to a pixel of a certain colour. For
different printers different numbers of dots of the number of
different ink colours are used to make up one effective coloured
pixel. So dpi has to be divided by that number to get pixels per inch.

But "view" sounds like you're talking about looking at something on a
monitor, and monitor resolution is described in pixels rather than
printer dots. In fact on most monitors each pixel is made up of three
coloured dots of varying intensity, as you can see if you look
closely, but conventional monitor resolution is described in pixels
rather than the larger number of dots used to construct the pixels.

Usually the dpi setting in an editor has no effect at all on
displayable size on a monitor. It also often has no effect on printing
either, despite what printers often say. In several years of having
some of my photographs printed by a variety of commercial printing
services from all sizes from book illustations to large exhibition
quality prints I've often had them get back to me because they'd
looked at the dpi setting in my EXIF data and told me that my image
wasn't of high enough resolution, and could I please send them a
proper high resolution image. In every case all I ever did was to edit
that dpi number in the EXIF data. I made no other change to the
already large high resolution image. And in every case they thanked me
for sending them a much better bigger higher resolution image.

Chris Malcolm

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